Saturday, October 29, 2011

I have officially moved to a new URL blog
Click here to go to my new blog
everybody needs a change once in a while yea? I promise my new blog is better :)
enjoy! Xx

Saturday, August 29, 2009


woah. it has been.....really long. too long. but hey, im all up to be active in my blog again! weeee. not today though. im still, well, pretty busy.
im home for the weekend, more like every weekend. haha.
soooooooooooo next its either gonna be a new look on my blog
a new url.
somehow i feel like im a total different person, i grew up a little bit. well just a tiny bit :p
got out from a long relationship, mid terms, quizzes, money, stress and dramas!
too many drama it is I N S A N E.
sooooooo i will think about it and let you know. :)

is there actually anyone still out there? haha. where the crickets at?
Xx mya.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

bandar muadzam shah.

I just realised in my blog I haven't mention anything about me going to pahang to study. well its been a week already since I'm here.
omg! I gota tell you how is this place. It's like really small, like really small. the town is just like a few shop lots.........even Taman Tun is bigger I swear. when I registered last Saturday I kinda asked my dad to bring me around to check out the place, I was like woah :O
but then yesterday after we "graduated" from a week of painful bloody orientation, me and my friend kinda explored the place. the place boleh tahan la. survivalable(ahh??). haha teh ais is only 50cents! LOL
and I have a really great roomate, MYRA! :) she's from terengganu+KL. haha, long story. she's crazy but I HEART YOU. that is her in the picture above.
as for the school,
I can see the library from my apartment, its quite nice. the place is nice, PEACEFUL definately.
I don't know what else to say. I am drenched. going kuantan today!
cheers guys!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

you're my hero.

aboh I'm doing all this for you,
I love you.

Monday, June 22, 2009

meet my new lovers.

I am in love with their music.
I'm slow, I know.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

live a little, love a little.

why can't the one you love be as passionate as you are
why can't you be as passionate as the one that is passionate about you
because you can't lie to yourself
can you?


What are you wearing now?
shorts and tee
What's beside you?
What are you doing now?
nothing in particular
Are you okay?
I'm annoyed with this stupid guy on facebook that keeps asking the same question. boleh naik gila :S
What do you wish you have now?
hmm, money, I'm broke. haha
Have you told someone you loved them?
Last time you shouted.
prolly an hour ago at my brother haha
Do you like anyone right now?
What are you wondering/thinking about now?
about a particular someone, someone you'll never guess. so random I don't even know why I am thinking of him. and yes, it is a HIM.
Have you ever wanted to tell someone how you really love him/her?
yeap, I think everyone has
Have you regretted loving someone?
I don't think so, nahh
Would you kiss your ex-crush?
ex crush? haha this is funny. prolly not
Have you loved someone, but he/she doesn't know?
Have someone asked you to be her/his gf/bf but you rejected him/her and felt guilty?
every single time. how can you not feel guilty?
When was the last time a girl/boy said ' i love you ' to you and who?
last night, aone.
When you hear a love/slow song, who comes into your mind?
depends really
Have you broke someone's heart?
yeah :( I'm sorry
Have you regret letting someone go?
Would you kiss someone 3 years from now?
err I suppose so? I kinda don't really get this question
Do you think someone loves you?
Where is the best place to flirt?
haha good one, prolly at a party? I don't know. kat mana mana pun boleh kot. I don't know, don't ask me.
Would you date someone because you like his/her looks?
only if he also has a good personality and qualities. looks is just a bonus mark.
Would you date someone who is not hot/cute but he/she really loves you?
yes of course. :D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009


ice cream baby.

diet starts: tomorrow.
haha, we'll see if that happens.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

national service. :)

hey hey
im home-for good!
well i should have updated earlier-but ive been sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping since monday. seriously, i wake up, eat then go back to sleep. damn.
so anyways, i can't believe im done with national service. im proud of myself i must say, because half way through it i was determined to go home many times, almost did. but menembak punya pasal i stayed on and thank god i did. bcs many good things happened after that. :)
sidetrack: im gonna start blabbing all about ns so you can leave now if you dont wana hear.

my say.


oh my god, saying goodbye was the worst thing about national service. i dont think i ever cried so bad. oh my god.........what do you expect la kan. you spent three months together.
before you sleep and the moment you wake up you see the same person.
you went through all the ups and downs together.
when im sleepy they're always there to let me sleep on their legs.
when i cry they're there to cheer me up.
when i can't sleep they're there to keep me company.
when im out of maggi they're there to give me one :p
when they're busy im there to iron their shirts for them.
when im sick they're there to teman me to rsat.
when im cold they're there to lend me their sweater.
oh! i think im gonna cry again :(
all i want to say is if you are chosen for this, go for it. rugi tak pegi. it is such a great awesome experience. i don't get why many people complain so much about it. go for it and experience it for yourself. try not to go back early seriously you'll regret it!
oh one thing you need to know, ns doesn't do any justice for your skin! mine was terible in the middle, like super super bad. and you'll gain weight! what do you expect? 6 meals a day-and that's not included the chocolate and maggi sessions before bed time. haha. i gained one kg! i have a friend that gained 6kgs. some 4kgs. crazy ain't it. ns is BAD. haha. i need to go on a diet now.
and it's bad for your lovelife too! trust me, every weekend when we get our phones, all you hear is people screaming on the phone with their partner. lol. quite funny :p
kau ingat aku jealous kau dengan perempuan tu?
kau ingat aku tak boleh buat bende yang sama dengan budak laki kat sini??
sayang kenape syg tak layan i? tak sayang i dah ke?
pahal ktk cm ya?
kau ni bodoh bah.
bla bla bla. haha
they say ns is a good place to find your soulmate. some came in with one boyfriend and came out with two boyfriends. some came in with no boyfriend and went out with one. you'd never know, you might just find your true love :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

derma darah selamatkan nyawa.

there were asking who wants to donate blood, so i volunteered. yeah i was scared at first but turns out it didn't hurt at all! at first i was hesitating to donate, because they say later on you will become weak and fat :S haha. but then i went on anyway. what a fun experience. but after donating when i stand up i was like " i see stars" haha it was like all white, so the nurse told me to rest first. so yeah. tipulah they say you become weak and eat alot, biase je. haha.


so there are 44 of us that participated.
there was this programme called the
malam penghayatan patriotik khidmat negara.
the show was live on tv1, hosted by diana danielle and alif, and all 9 camps in selangor participated.
the 44 of us are always together bcs of all the practice and all, and we became really close i must say. we're like a family. :)
there was so much drama in between but we manage to pull off a great show in the end!
and once we had rehersals at kem princess haliza, which happened to be on the same day as our wirajaya activity(where we go in to the jungle and find food build this and that and shiz) so we manage to skip it! haha. i was like thank god :p
our performance was 'kami anak malaysia'
in the performance there are like indian/malay/chinese/sabah/sarawak/punjabi dance and also kawad. no idea why but my saree took hours to put on-every single time.


oh my god i swear i was most excited for this. so anyways, our shooting place or they call it "medan tempur" is at the sungai besi perdana kem or something. when we got there, the 44 of us(the others learnt their theory already) was learning the theory and stuff, and half way was this bangbangbang sound, like those you hear in war movies. i swear i was SCARED. it sounded so real-wait, it was real. so anywayss, the army guy was teaching how to handle the gun and stuff so then it was my turn to try and reherse. i was standing and the army guy took a stick and shouted
"aku cukup pantang orang yang tak ikat tali kasut ketat ketat!!"
i was like :O
so then he got down and tied both my laces together. i just stood there. then he screamed again
"kau nak buat ape sekarang??? bukak la. kalau tak hang nak baring mcm mana?"
i was damn scared okay i seriously just stood there, thank god there was another army who was nice enough and untied my laces for me. phew! they're brutal i tell you. one of them gave one of my girl friend pumping and he kicked her hand half way! damn.and when the theory class was over and done with everyone grabbed the gun and started posing and being all sakai with it. haha
detail 27 sasaran 10
so during the real shooting time, i gotta admit i was having chills. i got down on the ground and held the gun. oh my god at the time i was nervous. in my head i was like
i can't do this
i can't do this
i can't do this
when i was about to fire BANG the girl next to me fired her shot. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it was so LOUD. seriously loud. i jumped, i almost cried. at the time i wanted to leave. because god knows why, suddenly in my head popped images of palestine. and coincidencely few weeks before ustadz was showing us images of war. like as if i was imagining myself in the middle of war zone. again,
i can't do this
i tak sanggup. i was like, so this is how it feels to kill people.
i seriously almost quit. but then i was like.....noooooo....this is once in a lifetime chance. so i just gave it a shot. and hell, my first shot i shoot the longkang! hahahahaha
after the first first shot, i recovered.
after the twentieth shot, i became emo.
the whole day i was thinking of war.
people all around the world should stop violence!
make love not war!
damn those jews. poor thing :(